Our Mission

"To enhance the understanding of Financial Planning as a profession and to represent the views of our members with Regulatory, Governmental, Statutory and Consumer bodies."


Welcome to the Society of Financial Planners Ireland

The Society of Financial Planners Ireland (SFPI) is a professional body providing members with a local, national and international learning and business network.

The SFPI was established in 2013 and is a non profit organisation solely run by volunteers who are themselves all financial planners.

The SFPI provides education, training and networking for its members, who are professionals specialising in financial planning, investments, trusts, estate planning and pensions. Members advise clients on the broad business of the management of their personal financial affairs.

Membership of the Society of Financial Planners Ireland comprises some of the most experienced and senior financial planners in the country, as well as recent CFP® graduates. We include members from the legal, tax, accountancy, banking, pension and financial planning sectors in Ireland.